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At  Massage, Wellness & Beyond...  we pride ourselves in providing you with the tools to look and feel your absolute best. With over 80 combined years of experience, you can feel confident in our expertise and applications of your service. Continuing education as well as first hand experience with every service and product offered are prerequisite to you our client, receiving them. We not only care about the quality of our products and services but also about you. You will find our intimate atmosphere to be both professional and comfortable to men and women. Walk through the door and sounds of ocean waves, soft music and falling water will instantly soothe your day's stress. Light scents of aromatherapy ground your senses. A warm greeting from  any one of us will instantly make you feel at home.
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Body, Health & Wellness

Because we believe Health, Beauty and Wellness go hand in hand, we are pleased to offer services, products and treatments to help detoxify, strengthen and renew.

Detoxifying Aloe-Based Body Wraps

75 Minutes $110

6 for $579 Regularly $660
12 for$979 Regularly $1320

Lose 4"-16" Guaranteed!

ALL NEW and EVEN BETTER! Linen wraps soaked in an aloe-based, herbal solution are wrapped around the body to be absorbed and begin the flushing process. Before and after your wrap you will be measured in multiple places to document your loss. This is NOT a water loss. You are actually losing toxins which store themselves between your fatty(adipose) tissue, hence condensing your body. Since we are constantly taking in toxins, this is temporary. It is reasonable to expect your results to last up to 2 weeks. Most of our clients try a wrap for the inch loss effect but our regular clients coming every 2-4 weeks continue for the added benefits of detoxifying the body. Detoxifying in this manner has been shown to reduce cellulite, condition skin, offer relief for joint dysfunction such as arthritis and fybromyalgia etc. This, among other natural therapies; combined with an organic, healthy diet can drastically help you in your wellness goals.

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Ultimate Healing Experience (Massage, Reiki and Sound Therapy)

110 min. $115
Rebalance and renew with our Ultimate Healing Experience.
Enjoy 110 minutes of therapeutic and nurturing massage mixed with the energy of Reiki, singing bowls, bells and more to restore you vibrational frequencies and ultimate state of peace and balance.

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Chinese Cupping Therapy

30 min. Cupping only $40
1 hr. Therapeutic Massage with Cupping $80
Where deep tissue massage works to loosen and release toxins, stress and adhesions in the muscles by a pressing movement, Cupping is the opposite action. And by drawing the muscle up through a suction process it helps those with stubborn issues to trigger the muscles more than one way. Great for anyone battling muscles that just won't release, athletes, those who are consistently doing work or activities that create knots that just won't quit. Choose the 30 minute treatment alone or the therapeutic massage and cupping session together.

Call 215-292-1144 or

Detoxifying All-Natural Body Wrap with Foot, Head, and Scalp Massage

75 MInutes  $149 the soft skin, inch loss and gentle exfoliation while eliminating built up toxins. Feel all your tension massaged away on your feet, neck and scalp. Strips of linen wraps are applied that have been soaked in an Aloe and Herbal solution which is then absorbed to stimulate the releasing of toxins. Your skin will feel soft ad refreshed. Your body will feel lighter and your mind, renewed.

Call 215-292-1144 or

Foot Steeping with Therapeutic Herbs and Arometharapy

30 Min. $28
Grab a cup of one of our many teas in our waiting before we bring you back where you will dip for feet in the warmth of the therapeutic foot steeping bath. We can customize your bath based on your needs such as to aid in stress-reduction, immunity, anti-inflammatory response, pain management etc. Just let us know what ails you that day and we will do our best to wash it away. After your steeping, we will dry you and massage you with one of own organic foot balms~

*Great alone when all you have is a half hour to pamper yourself or added a 15 minute Chair Massage or to any of our services to assist you in the relaxation process, especially prior to a reflexology, massage, facial etc.

Call 215-292-1144 or

Foot Steeping with Therapeutic Herbs and Arometharapy and Organic Scrub

45 min. $46
Everything in our Foot Steeping with Therapeutic Herbs and Aromatherapy but also the application of our Organic Foot Scrub a hot steam Towel for baby soft feet and maximum absorption of your foot steeping.

Call 215-292-1144 or

The Ultimate Foot Treament

65 min. $ 85
This combines everything in the Foot Steeping/Foot Scrub treatment along with an additional 30 minutes of foot massage for the ultimate in peace, relaxation adn foot pampering.

Grab a cup of one of our many teas in our waiting before we bring you back where we will  treat our feet to an organic house-blend foot scrub, followed by hot towels and you dipping your feet in the warmth of the therapeutic foot steep.

We can customize your bath based on your needs such as to aid in stress-reduction, immunity, anti-inflammatory response, pain management etc. Just let us know what ails you that day and we will do our best to wash it away. After steeping your stress away and absorbing the therapeutic benefits(yes, the soles of your feet have more pores per square inch than anywhere else and are amazing at absorbing as well as releasing) you will then enjoy a half hour reflexology treatment.

*Great alone for the health benefits or to pamper yourself or added to any of our services to assist you with beginning the relaxation process, especially prior to a reflexology, massage, facial etc.

Call 215-292-1144 or

Ear Candling

1 hour $75 Both Ears-1 hour 1/2 hour $40 One Ear
This ancient, relaxing one hour treatment soothes and relieves congested ears due to wax build up, allergies, infection etc. A piece of linen soaked in special waxes is rolled into a cylinder creating the "candle". This is then inserted into your ear about as far as your finger. When lit, it creates a vacuum effect and comfortably draws the wax from you ear canal. While results can vary, many clients report an improvement in sinus congestion, ear infections, balance etc. This is safe for most ages including children. Our youngest has been 4 years old and our oldest 91!

Call 215-292-1144 or

Nutritional Assessment

Based on a physician created online questionaire, informational form and one-on-one consultation, we will help you move toward better health through lifestyle and nutritional recommendation.

Weight Management/Nutritional Classes

Call for a FREE phone consultation to help determine which program would work best for you.
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Service Policy

  • We only use ORGANIC, healthful coconut oil for ALL massages(others available upon request) 
  • Aromatherapy is INCLUDED in all services. Try our Exclusive MWB Blends!
  • We have been at this for MANY YEARS. Fredricka, herself, has been practicing since 1984! 
  • We welcome all ages for services but a parent MUST be present for those under 18.
  • We are a Perfume-Free zone. For the safety of our many clients and our team with sensitivities, please refrain from wearing perfumes. Any scents you may smell in our center are natural ingredients or therapeutic-grade essential oils.
  • The products we use are either Botanically-based, 100% Natural and/or Organic. Many of the products we use and carry we actually custom blend just for your specific needs
  • To help keep our menu pricing steady please pay with Cash or Check. Of course we do also accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover.

*NOTE-If you have an allergy to anything, please be sure to let us know WHEN BOOKING and we will do our best to accommodate. That includes the coconut oil and lavender which we use throughout our facility.

If you need to cancel an appointment we require at least 24 hours notice to avoid a $20 Cancelation Fee
(Fee for a Spa Package is $50). 
If you have an online Voucher such as Groupon, up to HALF of your voucher is subject to forfeiture for cancelations with less than 24 hrs or no shows.
Please also read the Fine Print on your vouchers BEFORE buying them for details and eligibility. 
?If for some reason you need to return a product, gift certificate or service voucher, you may do so within 7 days for a full refund. Products must be unopened in their original state. After 7 days you may exchange your product or service and as with all our services you may also always transfer it to someone else.