Top 5 Uses of Cinnamon

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There is no better smell than cinnamon in the fall.

Whether it be a cinnamon stick in a hot cup of tea to warm the soul, a sprinkle of cinnamon on a baked good, or in combination with other "fall" scents in your diffuser; everyone loves the smell of cinnamon.

But what if we told you there were benefits and uses of cinnamon beyond the nostalgic smell of grandma's kitchen?

Many people use cinnamon as an aid for ailments such as digestive issues, diabetes, loss of appetite, and even bronchitis.

1. Anti-fungal and Anti-Bacterial Spice

It's well known that essential oils have a anti-microbial and anti-bacterial component. But a recent study proved that cinnamon can actually help reduce candida in the body!

This study compared the medications used to fight candida and found that some strains of candida that are resistant to the medications were killed off by cinnamon and oilive oil.

Hopefully, you do not have candida. But you can still use cinnamon as your own anti-fungal food by eating it regularly, and it could help prevent fungal infections!

2. Keep away bugs?

Okay, this one sounds weird. But, IT ACTUALLY WORKS!

When you get those pesky little ants wreaking havoc in your kitchen in a neat little line, simply find the source of entry by following the line of ants, and sprinkle cinnamon at the entrance. It will stop the little buggars from using that way to get in! And the best part is since it is not a harsh chemical you don't have to worry about fido going near it (except when the puppy sniffs it and blows the cinnamon away!)

3. Anti-Inflammatory Killer

The anti-oxidants in cinnamon are great to help reduce the inflammation response in the body. While most of the time inflammation means your body is fighting something, chronic inflammation can wreak havoc on your body and could cause more severe issues and diseases.

The best way to ingest this anti-inflammatory killer is to eat it raw while it is still in the stick form. The properties in the cinnamon that are anti-inflammatory come from the oils in the stick. But when you pulverize the sticks, or bark, into the powder, some of the oils leave.

Personally, My favorite thing to do is make a cup of hot herbal tea and drop the cinnamon stick in the water. It will infuse the tea and allow your body to absorb as much of the oil as possible.

4. Diffuse for a fresh, clean smell

This use is obvious; how wonderful is the smell of cinnamon and nutmeg when you walk through the door?

Diffusing cinnamon oil may not have as many health benefits as ingesting, but it sure makes anyone feel happy, calm, clean, and ready to go to a pumpkin patch!

If you are looking for an amazing fall scent, here is a great recipe:

2 drops orange oil

2 drops nutmeg

1 drop cinnamon

1 drop clove

It will smell of pure fall!

Please note: cinnamon is highly toxic to dogs and cats. Make sure to diffuse in a large space with the ability for the animals to leave the room.

5. Reduce Diabetes and Insulin Sensitivity

Cinnamon can actually help reduce blood sugar levels and reduce insulin resistance. Which means this can actually help with diabetes type II! (Please do not replace regular medications with cinnamon.)


It also has been shown to reduce the amount of glucose that your body absorbs when eating. So regular consumption of cinnamon can help keep your sugar, (and hopefully weight) out of you!

So, go get that cinnamon, feel great in your home and in your body!

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