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    Certified Nutrition Counselor

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    Barbara Myers

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    Electrolysis Consultation

    with 15 minute electrolysis treatment

    Still the ONLY FDA Approved Method of PERMANENT Hair Removal. Safe for ALL skin and hair types.


    Program Consultation-Pain Management, Anti-Aging, General Wellness

    This consultation is done with Fredricka and all her years of experience in all areas of wellness, nutrition, natural pain management, auto-immune diseases, self care, breakthrough consulting and more. Best for individuals looking to develop a strategic plan toFeel, look and live their ultimate best, personally, professionally, spiritually etc. Prior to your appointment you will be asked to fill out an extensive questionnaire to assist in formulating your best treatment plan. Treatment plans are different for everyone but depending on your person goals can entail on-site treatments, nutritional changes, lifestyle changes, deeper more personal work and more, all steps to help you achieve your best you.

    Business, Transition and/or Personal Strategy Coaching

    Starting with and in-depth questionaire prior to your session, this consultation will give you deeper connection and insite persoanally before we even meet. It's for: -For women wanting to become entrepreneurs, who are new entrepreneurs or small business owners and would benefit from someone who has already "been there and done that", strategic planning, mentorship, accountability, etc. -For individuals wanting to make a career or life change. For many, this is after a divorce, a lost job, empty nest etc. It's also for the person who knows deep down, they are meant for so much more but are struggling to figure out "what" and the "how". -For Women looking to breakthrough old, negative patterns to create a life with more purpose, meaning and joy.

    Skin Health Consultation

    This starts with a thorough questionnaire and is followed with a hands on skin evaluations and skin scanning. Recommendations for best treatments, lifestyle and products changes will be made. With over 40 years of experience and being voted #1 every year, you know we've got the knowledge to help you have the most beautiful skin ever!

    Detox/Nutrition Consultation

    There are many ways to assist you body in detoxification but not not all detox methods are best or even safe for all. How you decide to help your body detox should be fully customized based on your lifestyle, current toxic load, health, history and more. We will help you assess the best methods for you.


  • Naturopathy and Nutrition for your total healing and well-being

    Find root of problem

    Our Naturopath, Barbara will assess your situation and health needs based on previous test results, an through questionaire and history intake and most importantly, listening to you. Additional tools she may recommend may be hair mineral analysis, genetic testing, saliva testing including hormone testing, and other at-home testing with interpretations. She will help you uncover the root of the troubles that you are facing, if there are layers of problems within the body and the best way to restore your health and well-being.

    Treat Holistically

    Your treatment plan will include recommendations in areas of nutrition, homeopathic remedies, bodywork, supplementations and more. With additional follow-ups available you will be able to easily make changes throughout your treatment process as you your homeostasis is restored and you overall health and well-being is restored.

    Create your best self

    Your customized treatment plan will begin with addressing your top concern and discovering the root problem, and follow up with additional layered issues to feel your best self!

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