• Our Philosophy

    We are dedicated to offering you the ultimate experience.



    Our Innovation

    Never ending Education

    We are dedicated to using the newest, healthiest and best products, techniques and technology for every treatment. And we don't just learn. We pass that knowledge on to better equip our clients to Feel Better, Look Better and Live Better right at home.

    Our Impact

    Educate, Empower and Elevate

    Our deepest desire is to make a difference not just while you visit us but well after you leave. We do this by educating, empowering and elevating our clients and community through treatments, coaching, classes, products and so much more...

    Our Commitment

    Always our

    Best Service

    We ensure that each visit is consistent to the treatment of your specific issues by truly listening to your needs, each and every visit. Everything we do is for your benefit and experience and we love how collaborative our clients are. Let us know what you want. We will listen!

  • Meet the Team

    Fredricka Davis

    Educator, Coach, Speaker, Author...

    Personally, Fredricka spent time raising 4 boys, including a foster-son, has been a single mom to our current "VP", the sole provider to an elderly parent and now the wife to Liam, whom you will see popping in and out, taking care of misc. "behind-the-scenes" jobs, yet she still finds time to pursue continuing education and volunteer for special events to benefit the Cancer Community, Manna on Main St., Women in Need, Special Needs Individuals and more . Because she has a great love for animals, the great outdoors and natural wellness, she is consistently studying alternative health and well-being in addition to her chosen specialties. She has a policy in her center to never bring a service or product in that she is unable to fully endorse. She and her team MUST experience and see value in everything they choose to offer.

    Growing up a constantly sick child and personally battling multiple auto-immune issues led Fredricka(Freddi) first to the Alternative Wellness Industry and then to the Beauty Industry, studying both, more than 34 years. She holds thousands of hours of study, Licensing and/or Certifications in all areas of services and operations. Of Particular Expertise are Life, Wellness and Small Business Coaching, Medical Esthetics,Therapeutic Massage, Neutraceuticals, Advanced Wellness, Nutrition, Meditation, Reiki, Hair Removal methods-both temporary and permanent, and more...

    Professionally, Fredricka has also worked extensively with "special needs" individuals as a Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor, cancer patients and their families through 35+years of volunteering her professional expertise and with battered and abused women and children.


    She is a frequently sought after Public Speaker, a true Entrepreneur and inspiration.

    She is strictly by appointment.

    Erica Tolton

    Massage Therapist, Esthetician, Thai Expert, Cupping Expert

    You are in good hands with Erica and will get the sense right away that she genuinely cares about your well-being and experience. Massaging since the age of 2 (yes, her family has pictures to prove it), proves that she was meant to help people through massage. Since she can remember, she has always sought knowledge about skincare products, different treatment protocols and techniques, the history and application of massage and skincare.

    She is not only a licensed practitioner but takes pride in continuing education, making her an expert at what she does and is also trained in additional spa services such as detoxifying body wraps, ear candling and more. Not only does she constantly learn more about the alternative health world, but she even has her BBA in Marketing from Temple University!


    Erica specializes in Thai Massage, which is an ancient approach of using movement and "stretching" to relieve the full body of pain, and Cupping Treatments, which is a targeted approach to heal the body.

    She is "mommy" to a rescue kitty "Bailey " and crazy dog "Mason " and engaged to her sweetheart who actually shares her same birthday! A history of being active in the theater can be clearly seen in her infectious personality and we just love her extra because she makes us laugh every day. Her spirit is priceless.

    My Regular Hours:

    Monday: OFF

    Tuesday: Every other 11-8 By Appointment

    Wednesday: 10-6 By Appointment

    Thursday:11-8 By Appointment

    Friday: 10-7 By Appointment

    Saturday: 10-6 By Appointment

    Sunday: Every Other By Appointment

    Nina Kardon

    Guest Relations Manager


    You will typically speak to Nina if you call or visit us on a Tuesday or Wednesday. She is always pleasant and eager to help with scheduling appointments, gift certificates etc. She was a longtime successful Entrepreneur herself and even has a story or two from when she was in the circus! A proud grandparent, talented seamstress and general "creator" with a true zest for a joy filled life, we're so happy that she wants to "hang" out with us a few days a week.

    My Regular Hours:

    Tuesday 10-4

    Wednesday 10-4




    Bryn Bowersock

    Life Coaching

    A life time of education, certifications in personal development and health as well as personally practicing a healthy lifestyle has given Bryn a natural desire to to empower others to find their own clarity, success, peace and general health and well being.


    Whether you decide to work with Bryn 1-on-1, in a group or in one of our workshops, retreats etc. you will be glad you did. Her specialty is helping individuals get to the core of what they really want and guiding them in taking the actual steps to attain the life they've always dreamed of. Her philosophies are so perfectly matched to all of ours' here: Feel Better, Look Better, LIVE BETTER. Educate. Empower. Elevate.


    Bryn is an amazing single-mother to two incredible teen boys, a long-time vegetarian, lover of all things created, horsewoman, loyal, loving and full of life inspiration.

    Please contact us for scheduling a consultation

    Mikaela Davis

    Vice President

    Growing up in our center, listening to Fredricka teach nutrition and wellness classes, hearing clients be educated, experiencing treatments herself, and having a history with food allergies (23 to be exact) and auto-immune issues has made her much smarter and more experienced that the average teen. She can explain most products and services, so feel free to ask her when you see her.


    She always has the brightest smile and welcoming word and loves assisting in all sorts of behind the scenes things so the next time you reach for the cups at the cooler or the toilet paper, you will know who made sure we didn't run out ;)

    Yes, this is a family business. :)

    Liam Harvey

    All around Awesome Guy, (Fredricka's husband)

    Can be spotted, fixing our twinkling lights and such, taking the recycles out and lending a hand whenever needed; always with a smile.

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We only use ORGANIC, healthful coconut oil for ALL massages(others available upon request) 
Aromatherapy is INCLUDED in all services. Try our Exclusive MWB Blends!
We have been at this for MANY YEARS. Fredricka, herself, has been practicing since 1984! 
We welcome all ages for services but a parent MUST be present for those under 18.
We are a Perfume-Free zone. For the safety of our many clients and our team with sensitivities, please refrain from wearing perfumes. Any scents you may smell in our center are natural ingredients or therapeutic-grade essential oils.
The products we use are either Botanically-based, 100% Natural and/or Organic. Many of the products we use and carry we actually custom blend just for your specific needs
To help keep our menu pricing steady please pay with Cash or Check. Of course we do also accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover.

*NOTE-If you have an allergy to anything, please be sure to let us know WHEN BOOKING and we will do our best to accommodate. That includes the coconut oil and lavender which we use throughout our facility.

If you need to cancel an appointment we require at least 24 hours notice to avoid a $20 Cancellation Fee
(Fee for a Spa Package is $50). 
If you have an online Voucher such as Groupon, up to HALF of your voucher is subject to forfeiture for cancellations with less than 24 hrs or no shows.
Please also read the Fine Print on your vouchers BEFORE buying them for details and eligibility. 
If for some reason you need to return a product, gift certificate or service voucher, you may do so within 7 days for a full refund. Products must be unopened in their original state. After 7 days you may exchange your product or service and as with all our services you may also always transfer it to someone else.