15 Ways Massage Wellness and Beyond is Different

And better than those other guys...

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Walk down the street...

You will see spa's on almost every corner. Each one is claiming they have the best treatments. So how do you find the right one for you?

Our clients will tell you, there aren't just a few reasons why we're the best, there are 23.

1. We have over 42 years experience.

Fredricka doesn't like to tell her age. She likes to quote the late Mary Kay Ash, who said, "A woman who will tell her age, will tell anything." That said, we know she started her path as a teen and her formal training in 1984, so her secret might be out. Hmmm...

Add that to the teams' experience and it may be more than 44 years.

2. We take great pride in continuing our education, a lot of continuing education!

Continuing education is a requirement for many of the licensed therapies but we take that so much further at Massage Wellness & Beyond. If you've spoken to Fredricka about almost anything, you know, she absolutely eats, breaths, and sleeps knowledge and experience. That means she loves sharing it, but more importantly, she has a constant curiosity for more and insists on that from her team.

3. We LISTEN to you.

Not only do we use our continuous education to make our treatments better but we stay on top of the latest research and trends and above all, we listen. We LISTEN to our clients and do our very best to fill their wants and needs. How do we listen? By tuning in to not just what you say, but what you may not and asking you more questions when necessary. Don't worry, we know when to be quiet so you can relax!

4. We get RESULTS.

While many of our clients do come in for simply a relaxing experience, we also have countless clients who come to us with "issues' such as injuries, arthritis, lyme disease, MS, fybromyalgia, cyatic pain, auto-immune disorders, Rosacea, Environmentally sensitized skin, eczema, psoriasis, etc...

5. We are family run.

Fredricka may have founded Massage Wellness & Beyond but now her daughter and husband can be seen working in the center and each and every member of her team becomes a "family" member. You know...the kind of family you get to choose and are so happy you did, each and every day. ;)

Our clients feel this and our frequent clients have often commented on how comfortable they feel when they walk through the door and that they too, feel like they are part of our "family".

6. We use a total-body approach in all treatments

When you come to see us the first time, we will have you fill out a thorough questionnaire and before the treatment begins, will take the time to review that thoroughly, ask more questions if necessary and get to know you and your expectations. We allow a bit of extra time the first time you see us just for this. This assures, we will be giving you the best treatment possible and you will leave thinking, "That was EXACTLY what I needed."

We don't stop there. We check in before each visit and adjust to your needs accordingly. Many ailments begin in the "gut". Many aches are caused by things you might not think of (like always sitting to one side of the sofa, leading to an imbalance in the body's muscles) We ask questions. More importantly, we listen and assist you in finding not just results with us but relief and possible prevention at home.

7. The information or ear you need is always on the house.

Need to know how to do something? Need a recommendation for another local professional? Need a modification on the treatment table or how about an impartial, non-judgmental ear? We want you to know we care and we want to be the people, the treatments, the products and the place that makes your day and maybe even your world a little better.

8. We educate our clients.

We don't just want you to feel, look or live better for an hour or two, we want to arm you with the knowledge of how to go home, feel, look and live your best, everyday in between your appointments. That can mean we send you home with some stress management techniques or nutrition tips, tweaks to your skin care routine, movements to help you elongate your muscles or websites to help you learn more about what's going on with you.

9.Wellness from the inside out is a specialty of ours.

Knowing the right products to use and receiving the best treatments for your body, skin and mind are only part of the equation when you are striving to look, feel and live your very best. So much begins in the "gut" and proper nutrition, lifestyle and supplementation can be key.

10.We are a "Shop Small" local small business.

You have likely seen "Shop Small" signs through out the year at various businesses and we are one of them. When you "Shop Small" with us, you don't just get what you pay for but you help put food on the tables, clothes on the backs, and roofs over the heads of 8 other individuals. You help a mom provide for her daughter and family, another to put herself through trade schools and college and now to begin her life as she marries and enters into her next chapter, another pay off student debt, another to thrive in her retirement and be there for her children and grand children and so on...

YOU keep us in business and so much more...

11.We offer total stress management programs.

An hour or so spa treatment is wonderful but there is so much more to managing stress well. Our programs help you find the best techniques, practices, nutrition and supplements to lower your stress on a daily basis.

12. Safety is of utmost importance to us

Our products are organic, natural or at the minimum botanically based. We do not use or allow perfumes or harsh chemicals in our center. We believe in giving the you the most toxin free center we can. Of course we use the latest standards in sterilization as well.

Because we take our continuing education so seriously, this also assures we are giving you the safest, most appropriate treatments to your individual needs.

11.We love to have fun at work

Oh yes. It's not uncommon for Erica and Mikaela to be playing a practical joke on each other behind the scenes. Sisters. lol Professionalism is of the utmost importance to us but let's face it, a job that's no fun is drudgery. Laughter is great medicine. We love to share in the funny side of life with our clients as well as their challenges.

12. Making a difference is important to us-with our clients and in our community

Volunteering with local youth, cancer patients, caregivers, special needs, the hungry amidst our community, donating treatments etc. are just some of the things we do locally and we are consistently looking for ways to reduce our waste, recycle and leave a smaller footprint in our world.

13. We are a 100% judgement-free zone. ALL are welcome.

Whether you are on the left or the right side of politics, transgender, gay, straight, white, black, brown or pink with purple pokadots, you are welcome.

14. We are a little like Vegas.

Many of our clients will often divulge personal information to us or simply don't wish to have the world know they were taking some time for themselves.They trust us and we take that trust very seriously. Just like Vegas, "What goes on here, stays here."

15.We welcome client feedback and requests

While our clients think we are pretty great, we also know we are human. Ideas, critque, requests etc. are always welcome. If we make a mistake or can do something better, we want to know so we can make it right. Your feedback is always welcome.

*As with all of our education, information and inspiration, we recommend that you research any suggestions you choose to implement. You do so strickly by your choice. When in doubt, consult a physician or appropriate professional. Your health and well-being are in your hands. Thank you for letting us be a part of your journey.

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